We are poised to provide a wide range of medical equipment and products for hospitals and health-care centers. Whatever our client’s needs are, we are able to satisfy those needs in the most appropriate and professional manner. Our set timeline is to respond to any equipment enquiry is within 72hours of request. Please complete form below and send to us.



Integrated service

At Allied Medical Consultants Equipment service we are able to offer a truly integrated equipment service to our clients. Our services cover:
• Appraisal of clients needs
• Delivering services to clients location
• Installation and maintenance services for complex equipment
• Flexible ordering arrangement via internet or our Call centre


Our procurement process is quite streamless and non cumbersome. Once clients have indicated interest to purchase a specific type of equipment, we will request a down payment of 90% which is in line with our set corporate policy. Upon the deposit, we will subsequently advise client on timeline of delivery.


Our recommendation is for clients to purchase at the very least a minimum of five years warranty on the more technically oriented and complex equipment. An installation cover is also highly recommended as this will enable the equipment arrive with an installation engineer

After Sales Service

This is an optional but vital service. Clients are advised to subscribe to an after sales service package, particularly with highly complex equipment



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